Art in Schools


girl on canvas
Art in High School 2011 piece

The Art in Schools Competition is our way of facilitating artistic creation, beyond the walls of the Junior Centres. As such we encourage participation in two (2) competitions: The Art in Preparatory Schools and the Art in Schools Competition. One of which is held each year.

Last year (2012) the Art in Preparatory Schools Competition was held and Immaculate Preparatory came out as the successors winning a the title for Best Overall in the Competition.

The Hon. Lisa Hanna presents the K. Wilson Shield to the winners of the Best Overall category to Immaculate Preparatory. ~1
The Honourable Lisa Hanna, Minister of Youth and Culture presenting the K Wislon James Shield to 2012 Winner —Immaculate Preparatory


K. Wilson James Shield “Best    Overall” Immaculate Preparatory

K. Wilson James Cup  “Composition & Design”    Liguanea Preparatory School

The Y de Lima Cup   “Presentation and Finish”  Monsignor Colin Bryan   Preparatory  School

The Institute of Jamaica Cup “Creativity and Originality”  Wolmer’s Preparatory School

Certificate of Merit  “Best Group Work”  Liguanea Preparatory School

Certificate of Merit  “Best Fiber Art Application”  Monsignor Colin Bryan Preparatory School

Certificate of Merit   “Best Textile Application”  Lannaman’s Preparatory School

Teacher’s Awards “Outstanding    Visual Arts Instruction”    Queen’s Preparatory School


The Art in Schools  Competition will be held this year and participants will be invited from High Schools all over Jamaica, to enter the Competition.