Summer Workshop

In addition to the AfterSchool and Saturday activities, there is the Summer Arts Workshop Programme, which started in the early 1970’s, and is held annually in the month of July. This Programme’s focus is strictly on the development of the Arts and invites participation from students ages 6 – 18, in the areas of dance, speech/ drama, drumming and craft. As an important aspect of our Programme, presentations are invited from the different Divisions of the Institute of Jamaica; along with informative and educational presentations from various positive and influential groups and organizations within the Jamaican Society.  These presentations help to form a framework for career building in our young children, especially the teenagers.

The Summer Workshops often include a field trip to areas of educational and informational interests for the children. The culmination of the Programme features a showcase of the works engaged in by the students during the weeks of the Workshop. This event – dubbed – Summer Extravaganza entails a concert of dance, speech, drama, drumming and an art and craft display usually complements the evening of fun.

Two Summer Workshops are usually held annually, at the Greater Portmore and East Street Junior Centres. Last year though, with the addition of the Simón Bolívar Cultural Centre a third workshop was held.