• Parent Seminar

It is said that in order to see a change in future generations, one has to begin influencing the current generation of children to effect that change. The starting point of this revolution is with the parents. The East Street Junior Centre (EStJC), in collaboration with the Simón Bolívar Cultural Centre (SBCC), and the Greater Portmore Junior Centre (GPJC), hosted their annual Parenting Workshops in November 2015 under the theme, Parents, Take the Time, Be Involved.

Both Workshops viewed the theme from differing angles. The collaborated session hosted by the EStJC and SBCC looked at helping parents to become more aware of cost-effective means of providing healthy, easy-to-prepare, attractive meals for their families, and to help parents to effectively speak with their children about, and learn more about their own, reproductive health. There were three presentations:
Ms. Jacqui Tyson and Chef Christine Edwards from From Thought to Finish
Mrs. Claudine Henry-Gordon, Home Economics teacher from Holy Childhood High
Mrs. Nickeisha Wheatley and Mr. Jerome Edwards from the Jamaica National Family Planning Board (JNFPB).

The first two presenters gave practical meal preparation demonstrations, and the parents were able to sample some of the deliciousness! The two presenters from the JNFPB took us back to basics and shared information about body changes and functions, on different modes of contraceptives, and how parents can approach the discussion of sex and sexuality with their children.

At GPJC, the aim of the seminar was to assist parents in finding the appropriate steps to take to ensure that they are integral in their child’s/children’s overall development. The presenters were:
Mr. Don Dobson – Broadcasting Commission – “issues of the technology age faced by parents and children, television rating guides and what parents can do to properly monitor their children’s use of media”.

Corporal Miguel Green and Constable Micky Lorde – Community Safety and Security Department – “Parents being accountable for children’s whereabouts, establishing a good relationship as well as proper security measures & road safety skills”

Mr. Courtney Steadman – National Parenting Support Commission – “Getting Involved – parental involvement in children’s holistic development”.

The presenters were really able to get the audience to interact and participate in the questioning process. This resulted in heated conversations, especially as it regards Mr. Dobson’s presentation on PG rated programmes.
The responses and support from both parent workshops are a symbol for the Junior Centres to continue building relationships and support for parents as they meet the various challenges of parenting. Better parenting, for a better tomorrow.

  •  Kitchen Fixin’ 

Exposing the culinary arts to  students is a good way of preserving certain aspects of our culture, as well as exposing students to the various food traditions of other regions.  Most importantly, it teaches students nutrition and the proper way to  prepare meals that can be beneficial to their health. The Kitchen Fixin’ (cooking practical) sessions were aimed at exposing the children to the culinary arts as part of their creative expression, as well as to enable them to prepare healthy meals.  They were spearheaded by Mrs. Jennifer Billings and Mrs. Elaine Simpson, accomplished caterers.

  • Awards Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are held to recognise the stewardship of students who participate in our Art in High Schools Competition, Art in Preparatory Schools competition and for students who attend the Junior Centres who are recognised at the end of each term for their achievements in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Festival, displays exemplary attitude  and perform well in their visual and performing arts classes.

  • Stimulating Potential in Youths (SPY)  Factor

Stimulating Potential in Youth Factor Programme synonymously referred to as SPY Factor is aimed at broadening the knowledge-base of the students by developing their investigative skills and exposing them to other facets about the world around them. To this end, various agencies have been approached to conduct sessions with the children. The sessions are intended to be interactive, practical, educational, and exciting.

  • JCDC Festival 2017

Both Junior Centres annually participate in the JCDC Festival Competitions.

East Street Junior Centre

Verman Thomas

3—Praise Mighty in God Gold.
3—Modern Children of Sorrow Silver
5—Duet Hope Not performed

Milton Bonner

2B-Jamaican Traditional Drum Ensemble Mellow Vibes Certificate of Merit
3B -Classroom instrumental Spirit of the Drums Bronze

(Floyd Cassanova)


2– Recorder Nkosi Skeleli, One Love Certificate of Merit  (Alyssa Johnson)
7B-Classroom instrumental Ska Medley Bronze

Omaall Wright

3-Dialect Poem Mama Silver (Alyssa Johnson)
3-Speech Jamdung Baby Silver
SPEECH (Storytelling)


3-Story Mannaz Silver (Abijah Brown)
Greater Portmore Junior Cenre
DANCE Creative Folk B – class 4 “Gimme More” Silver
Creative Folk B –Class 2 “Fete Fleek” Silver


–None Jamaican Style – group “Rain in Africa” Gold


Solo “Pynamics” by Liam Minnot-Brown Gold



National Trophy for the Most Outstanding Drum Solo in Class 2.



“Revelation” by Zaire-Zidane Bennett Bronze


Class 3– Classroom Instrumental – “Judgement Day”






Class 2 – Ensemble Experimental Speaking Silver