Our Children, Our Heroes

Heroes for children
Left to Right: Kadian Westcarth, Rayanna Williams, Mrs. Clover Brown (Manager), Jaiden Whyte (Child of the Year 2017), Alyssa Johnson (1st Runner -up Child of the Year 2017), Mrs. Jacqueline Bushay (Director), Miss Kerri-Ann Palmer (Programmes Outreach Manager), Khalil Golding.


Seven years and going strong

The “Heroes for Children Project” has been going strong for seven years. As an initiative of the Programmes Coordination Division, the focus is to encourage children to give back to the society in tangible ways. Each year as it comes closer to the October period a clothes and food drive is initiated to raise items for donation to a selected Children’s Home. Last year, the selected home was Reddie’s Place of Safety. The donated items were handed over to the facility on December 1, 2017. The students of the Junior Centres also participated in this venture through featured performances in drumming and speech and drama, which they willingly undertook as part of their contribution. Their tutors played a significant role in preparing the students for this as well.