Jahaila Harley


My time spent at the Institute of Jamaica Junior Centre was wonderful. I enjoyed being there and I looked forward to going there every evening after school “rain or shine”. I started at the Half Way Tree Junior Centre in summer 2005 when one of my mom’s friends told her about it. On the first day that I went to summer school, I joined the art class, which is my favourite until now. I got involved in all the activities such as drumming, dancing, sign language, music, needle craft, and storytelling, which were also offered in the after school programme. These were all fun and exciting, and I have pleasant memories.

While in the after school programme, my fellow school mates and I went on trips to different places. We entered the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) drama, music, dancing and speech competitions.

The Half Way Tree Junior Centre was my second school. There I learned to be more responsible, how to interact with my peers and how to have fun. In 2008 I got a summer school scholarship to attend the University of Technology’s Creative Arts Centre to participate in their “Tomorrow’s Children” programme. In 2009 in particular I worked very hard to top all the activities in which I was involved, because 2010 would have been m G-SAT year and I would not have been able to focus much attention as I would like to. I am happy to say that for 2009 I was awarded Child of the Year.

I encourage all parents and guardians to send their children to the Junior Centre. It has helped me and I know that it will help me.