Tashana Blair

Confidently aspiring

I am Tashana Angelete Blair, a studious, talented, intelligent, adventurous, determined thirteen (13) year old who attends Campion College.

I am an aspiring business woman who has great interest in photography, enjoys reading motivational novels, singing, browsing the internet and socializing.

My philosophy states ‘never limit your challenges but always challenge your limits.’ Whether it was deciding which novel to check out from the library or trying to get the right pronunciation of a word in Speech and Drama or even just trying to get to reading classes on time, the Institute of Jamaica’s Junior Centre was always a challenge in some way or the other.

The Junior Centre’s library played an important role in developing my love for reading. At the age of eight (8) years Ms. Kelly, the Centre’s librarian at the time, introduced me to my first Nancy Drew novel, ‘The clue in the old clock’. I did not know it at the time, but, that was the beginning of my ‘addiction’ to books. Since then, my ‘addiction’ has developed to include a wide range of fictions and non-fictions – pretty much anything with words.

Speech and Drama classes were always something to look forward to. From the rigorous rehearsals for the J.C.D.C. Festival to the ‘chill sessions’ we had, there was never a dull moment in that class.

The many presentations of: votes of thanks, welcomes and introductions I did on behalf of the Centre, really helped me to ‘come out of my shell’ and become more confident.

I was the East Street Junior Centre’s Child of the Year second (2nd) runner up in 2006. As an awardee, I was given a scholarship to the University of Technology’s Environmental Foundation of Jamaica Tomorrow’s Children Summer Programme, where I was recognised for outstanding achievement in photography. In May of 2008 my former classmate, Zaire West, and I chaired the National Child Month Committee’s launch of child month program held at the Institute of Jamaica.

In 2008, I was the valedictorian of my graduating class at Holy Family Primary School. In August of the same year I was awarded the prestigious Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation County Scholarship for the county of Surrey.

All in all, the Institute of Jamaica’s Junior Centre played a key role in my development and will continue to influence my future. The experience and training garnered from my involvement at the Junior Centre has benefitted me tremendously.