What We Offer

What we offer

Since 1940, the Programmes Coordination Division through its Junior Centres (East Street and Greater Portmore) has become a place where children develop their creative skills and are exposed to cultural and moral values via various art forms.

Through the evolution of technology, the staff of the Junior Centres recognizes that we are living in a global village and the development of individuals need to continue into adulthood. In light of this, the Junior Centres have expanded its scope to serve persons over the age of 18 years.

In October 2005 the East Street Junior Centre began offering classes in English Language and Computer Skills for persons age 19 years and over.

A special Programme – Advanced Training Opportunities Programme (ATOP) was initiated this year 2012 to specially develop and occupy the  mental, emotional and physical artistic space of our overachievers and mature students who have passed the age of 18. This Programme is specifically for those who welcome the chance of prolonging and improving their artistic skills.