Outreach & Educational Activities


It is said that in order to see a change in future generations, one has to begin influencing the current generation of children to effect that change. To further achieve this the parents of the children whom we serve have to be involved. The aim of the parent seminars that we host are geared to assisting parents in finding the appropriate steps to take to ensure that they are integral in their child’s/children’s overall development.

We want to enable our parents, to enable our students and so each year the team identifies an area of interest that will foster effective parenting of their children, and allow them to be better equipped to deal with some of the challenges that they may face as their children grow older. “The child-parent relationship has a major influence on most aspects of child development. When optimal, parenting skills and behaviours have a positive impact on children’s self-esteem, school achievement, cognitive development and behaviour” (Encyclopaedia on Early Childhood Development.)


Exposing the culinary arts to  students is a good way of preserving certain aspects of our culture, as well as exposing students to the various food traditions of other regions.  Most importantly, it teaches students nutrition and the proper way to  prepare meals that can be beneficial to their health. The Kitchen Fixin’ (cooking practical) sessions were aimed at exposing the children to the culinary arts as part of their creative expression, as well as to enable them to prepare healthy meals.  They were spearheaded by Mrs. Jennifer Billings and Mrs. Elaine Simpson, accomplished caterers.


Award ceremonies are held to recognise the stewardship of students who participate in our Art in High Schools Competition, Art in Preparatory Schools competition and for students who attend the Junior Centres who are recognised at the end of each term for their achievements in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Festival, displays exemplary attitude  and perform well in their visual and performing arts classes.

  • Stimulating Potential in Youths (SPY)  Factor

Stimulating Potential in Youth Factor Programme synonymously referred to as SPY Factor is aimed at broadening the knowledge-base of the students by developing their investigative skills and exposing them to other facets about the world around them. To this end, various agencies have been approached to conduct sessions with the children. The sessions are intended to be interactive, practical, educational, and exciting.


The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) stages a visual and performing arts competition annually to unlock the talents of young children across Jamaica. The competitions have benefitted students in our programmes over the years, and has allowed them to build self confidence in their ability to compete in the performing and visual arts against other participants in their level/ categories. We are also aware that, “This cultural opportunity has benefitted many Jamaicans through training, exposure and recognition. The benefits derived enable participants to make worthwhile contributions to the creative and cultural industries, and building Brand Jamaica” (JCDC).

  • HUSH Children’s Symposium 

As a part of the continued efforts to engage our students in meaningful discussion regarding issues that may affect them, or their peers the idea of having the HUSH Children Symposium was conceptualised, eleven years ago (2011 to be exact).

The Hush Children Symposium has provided students with the opportunity to hear testimonials of other persons who have experienced and endured through various life’s challenges, thus allowing them to see that they are not alone. The students also get an opportunity to ask questions and  be guided by professionals and other institutional representatives who are able to help them with similar challenges, if and when the need arises. It is our hope that this sort of exposure will dissuade students from going down similar pathways. Some of the target areas featured over the years have been :

2011 – On Sexuality and Sexual Abuse
2012 – Risky Behaviours (Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, Early Sexual Activity, Gang Involvement)
2013 – Broken Butterflies (Child Rights and Responsibilities, Delinquent Behaviour, Bullying, etc.)
2014 – Disability, Equality and Accessibility
2015 – Playing with Fire (Petty Larceny, Bleaching, Aggressive and Violent Behaviour)
2016 – A Walk in my Shoes
2017 – MENTal to METal: Building Resilience
2018 – Charges, Chances, Changes
2019 – Jus’ Bill: Peace an’ Love wi seh!
2020 – Views YOU Choose: Real Talk
2021 – Level Up (Part 1) and (Part 2)