Alessandra Abel

My Experience at the Junior Centre

I attended the Half-Way-Tree Junior Centre for approximately two years, and  would have to say that I enjoyed my time spent there


I was Child of the Year for 2008.  The programmes they have for the children include: dancing, music, sign language, art, needle crafts, reading and a heritage class.  My favourite was art.  The teachers were absolutely great.  They tried to make the class seem fun even when you think you are not going to like it.

My experience there was a mix of many emotions.  I, personally, am a shy person, so it was hard for me at first to make any friends.  Sometimes I did not even feel like going, but I went anyway and had a great time at that.  One thing that going to the Junior Centre has taught me was friendship.  The friends I met there were dear to me.  Everyday was a new learning experience.  You learn how to make things, how to create things and even how to co-operate with other persons of different ages.  I cannot say that every child’s experience here will be the same, but I can say that it is a great opportunity to find yourself.

When I came here, I was only sure that I would like one thing, and that was art.  Well, as it turns out, I liked everything and even discovered things about myself I never knew.  When you get involved at the Junior Centre, it can open up new doors for you.  You get to perform, enter competitions and feel proud of yourself and what you have accomplished.  All this, I have learnt and more by just coming to the Junior Centre.  I would seriously encourage other parents to send their children to this Institution, so that they can have their own memory and experience.


Alessandra Abel