Alessandra Abel shares…

I attended the Half-Way-Tree Junior Centre for approximately two years, and  would have to say that I enjoyed my time spent there. Read more>>


The next Van Goh?

Javaughn Williams, 11 years old, is a testament to the Centre’s motto of ‘unlocking potential…transforming lives’.

He started attending the Greater Portmore Junior Centre approximately two years ago, and according to his grandparents, has shown an improvement in his school work, in his behaviour and in his socializing ability.

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Jahaila Harley reminisces…

My time spent at the Institute of Jamaica Junior Centre was wonderful. I enjoyed being there and I looked forward to going there every evening after school “rain or shine”. I started at the Half Way Tree Junior Centre in summer 2005 when one of my mom’s friends told her about it. Read more>>


Confidently aspiring

Tashana Angelete Blair… I am an astudious, talented, intelligent, adventurous, determined thirteen (13) year old who attends Campion College. Read More>>