2012-A Year of Celebration!

JUNIOR CENTRE: Celebrating our children in 2012

Junior Centre 2012Our agenda for 2012 is to celebrate our children concurrently as we celebrate our 50th year of Jamaican Independence.  Our independence marks the achievements that our nation has made in the social, cultural and economic realm. However, our children are charged with the responsibility of promoting and preserving our Jamaican legacy.

The Centre looks towards the beacon of 2012 with renewed hope for our children. In celebrating our children we have:


  1. Tailored programmes that meets the specific learning needs of our children.
  2. Designed and implemented  programmes that are  age appropriate and fun.
  3. Developed programmes that excites children about their cultural heritage.
  4. Developed programmes that meets the social, mental  and emotional needs of the child.
  5. Empower children by teaching them a skill while encouraging them to express their feelings through a more positive medium such as the visual and performing arts.
  6. Created a facility where the works of the children are highlighted and showcased proudly.
  7. Reinforced in their minds that they are loved and that they are God’s special gift to humanity.